Venetian Stucco - Spatula Stuhhi

Samantha De Grenet

It's Spatula Stuhhi!
From whitest ancient stucco to deep colors marketing, venetian stuccowork is an artistic miracle which represented and expressed in its five thousands years evolution any race, any culture and religion.

Venetian stucco, or, as formerly called, Roman stucco or ancient stucco, is a miracle born from incredible ability to create and execute by Stucco decorator Masters, who just using slaked lime added to marble powder and natural pigments, could represent any ancient culture main theme. These wonderful artists decorated towns, castles, churches, palaces and any kind of environment where man wished to make his life more comfortable and harmonious.

Spatula Stuhhi is this decoration miracle last evolution. Characterized by a 'deep colors' style, it is a product based upon the ancient stucco, Roman stucco and Venetian stucco oldest traditions; it is a new but at the same time ancient product, born from Venetian culture in polished stucco sector, modified to fit contemporary needs for coloring and fast setting.

Spatula Stuhhi, while fully respecting old times ancient stucco traditions, is a completely ecological, no-solvents coating.